About Us
Instructing swimmers since 1965, Atlas Athletics’ Coach Bob has seen and contributed to the evolution of swimming instruction. He is an American Swim Coaches Association Level 2 Certified coach. In addition, he’s 10+year experienced, Certified Total Immersion Coach/Director, traveling nationwide as a Director of TI’s freestyle weekend workshops. Bob has trained with and been trained to teach by many of today’s leading swim “guru’s.” His previous experience was a 25-year tenure as Physician Assistant to Dallas’ premier Open-Heart Surgical team. Injury understanding and prevention is therefore a priority. PHILOSOPHY:
One size doesn’t fit all. Because no two individuals are precisely alike, no single method or solution works the same among individuals. Differences in height, weight, arm length, body fat percentage and distribution, strength and flexibility all determine what your body does when immersed in a liquid. While certain elements of swimming such as streamlining the body position are universal, how each individual accomplishes that is precise and unique.
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